Valeria Ocasio is my masseuse. I have issues with my lumbar and thoracic and sciatic. When I get the massage from her, I feel so much better. She really knows how to treat the issues I have. Besides being a good professional, she’s also a very good human being. I would highly advise that you hire her. She is awesome.


I live in Jupiter about seven months of the year. I’ve been receiving massages for over 30 years, fairly regularly–once or twice a week. I went through several massage therapists in this area. Valeria was recommended to me a few years ago, and I’ve never gone back to any of the others. She is phenomenal. I’ve referred her to many of my friends, and they have raved about her. I would highly recommend her to anyone is looking for an excellent massage.


Very thorough relaxing massage. The hot stones were an added pleasure.


The massage was truly amazing and the hot stones were out of this world. I would recommend her to anyone.


Valeria was fantastic! She came to the house and provided excellent massages for my wife and I and cannot thank her enough for the great therapeutic relief!!

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I have an unusual situation where I am extra, extra tight. My shoulders are almost tighter than a man’s, and for many years I’ve had trouble finding a masseuse that has the strength and knowledge to help me. I must say that I found Valeria to be very professional, and I have been so pleasantly surprised. She has strong hands, and she so knowledgeable. I go to her once a week. I’m 55 years old and never thought I would have any help for my back problems, but Valeria is wonderful. I can’t say enough about her.


I have had Valeria Ocasio as my masseuse for several years. She is very professional, experienced, and reliable, and I would highly recommend her.

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I have upper back and neck pains, which triggers severe headaches. Valeria Ocasio’s massage has greatly relieved my pain. I have tried many massage therapists but Valeria’s work is incomparable. She doesn’t excellent job. I highly recommend her.


Excellent massage one of the best I have ever had. Val is a wonderful professional and she goes above and beyond and has helped overcome my low back problems! She has taught me exercises to strengthen my back as well. I highly recommend her